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Macau, focus of opportunities between China, Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking Countries


Macau is fit to become a focal point for triangular cooperation between China and Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries, on which the Portuguese and Chinese authorities have said they are focused.

At the “Macau – A bridge in the economic relationship between China and Portuguese Speaking Countries” conference held on Tuesday in Lisbon, Nie Quan, the Chinese Embassy political attache in Lisbon, said that economic cooperation, one of the “five pillars” of the” bridge” of yjr Special Administrative Region, “is no longer limited to bilateral issues,” and is launching, “trilateral projects.” More

Increased opportunities available in Portugal-Macau-Portuguese Countries cooperation


The two- or three-way relationship between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries will be in focus on 21 February, at an international conference due to be held in Lisbon where Macau’s role as a contact platform will be a central theme.

The conference called, “Macau, a bridge in the China-Portuguese-speaking Countries economic relationship,” for which the Macauhub news agency is media partner, will enhance the role of Forum Macau, which is considered by a number of players in relations between China, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries as an opportunity for businesses, particularly to fund projects. More

The Pearl River Delta enters a new era


The Pearl River Delta (PRD) region in southern Guangdong province has proven to be remarkably resilient in its economic development in the last few decades. In the early reform years of 1980s, the region transformed itself from a largely rural and sparsely populated area into a global production base of labour intensive products. In the 2000s, it moved to producing higher-‑valued items but faced problems such as rising labour costs and industry‑related environmental degradation. During the global financial crisis of 2008-‑2009, the region was hit even harder, with shrinking external demand for its exports.

Just when some critics were casting doubts on its future, the region is making a strong comeback. Backed by the central government, the PRD is investing heavily in modern infrastructure as well as in advanced industries based on Germany’s Industry 4.0 plan. It aims to make the PRD one of the most advanced industrial regions in the world and to be a metropolitan region the equal of London, Paris or Tokyo. More

Chinese cooperation starts arriving in Sao Tome and Principe


Just over a month after the restoration of diplomatic relations between Sao Tome and Principe and the People’s Republic of China, Chinese cooperation is beginning to reach the archipelago in a process seen as strategically important by analysts of the Sino-African relationship.

Since last week, under the bilateral agreement in the health sector signed immediately after the restoration of diplomatic relations, in December 2016, a Chinese medical team is working in the archipelago’s hospital centres. More

Lai See: a millennial tradition


With the arrival of the Lunar New Year comes one of China’s oldest customs: the giving of red envelopes to relatives, friends and employees. Known in Mandarin as ‘hong bao’ (red envelopes) and in Cantonese as ‘lai see’ (being useful), the little red packets represent a gesture of thanks, friendship and recognition – a momentary expression of gratitude and connection in the midst of our busy lives.

Red envelopes are an important part of the Lunar New Year, a festival full of meaning. It is a time to reunite with family and friends. It is a time to give thanks for the blessings of the previous year and celebrate achievements and successes: a birth, a graduation, a promotion or a marriage, to name a few. It is a time to leave behind problems and mistakes and start anew. More

“One Belt, One Road” strategy drives Africa towards China


The isolationist trend in the foreign policy of the new US administration, particularly towards Africa, has led some analysts to predict that the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” strategy will take on an even greater role on that continent.

After initial contacts with the State Department President Donald Trump’s team was sceptical about the effectiveness of competing with China’s cooperation programmes with Africa, in particular the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), several public appeals have been made calling for the programme to be kept, which includes all African Portuguese-speaking countries. More