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China’s financing still essential to Angola


Angolan public finances remain under pressure, despite improvements in the oil market and the country’s economic diversification efforts, with funding from China to remain key source of funding, according to Angolan economist Alves da Rocha.

Speaking on 13 January in Lisbon at a conference organised by the Africa Intelligence Monitor and the AIP Foundation, the economist from the Catholic University of Angola stressed that GDP growth rates expected until 2022 are “low” when compared with the 2002-2008 period – the “mini-golden age of the Angolan economic growth,” an annual average rate of 11% – and state revenues will remain under pressure in the period. More

A Window (Lei) to creativity


Imagine a village where doors are left unlocked, where all the neighbours know one another and personal conversations replace digital communication. More

Pearl River Delta and Macau are “land of opportunity” for African traders


The Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau are the preferred “base” for African traders in China who have found “plenty of opportunities” there, according to several researchers.

Data cited in an article in the Strategic Review for Southern Africa by Carlos Lopes, an academic from Guinea-Bissau and former president of the Economic Commission of the United Nations showed that 500,000 Africans currently reside in China, of which 100,000 in Guangzhou, with the next preferred destinations being Hong Kong and Macau. More

Going global – Zhuhai Jinwan Airport aims to double its passengers by 2020


Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZUH) aims to establish itself as a hub for business jets and implement a pilot training facility – ambitious goals for the smallest of the Pearl River Delta’s five airports all competing fiercely in the same market.

In the first half of 2016, 2.73 million passengers and 13,160 tonnes of cargo passed through ZUH – both year-over-year increases of 18 per cent. In the same period, the airport added 15 new routes and now serves 39 cities on the mainland. A total of 21 airlines fly in and out of the airport which has no international routes as of yet. More

Sao Tome and Principe expects Chinese investment after restoration of diplomatic relations


The restoration of diplomatic relations between China and Sao Tome and Principe, after an interruption of nearly two decades, ends a period of re-approach that has quickened since 2014 and offers the prospect of major Chinese investments in the archipelago.

On 26 December, the Foreign Minister of Sao Tome, Urbino Botelho, with his Chinese counterpart signed a statement announcing the “re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and making every effort to install diplomatic representations at an ambassadorial level in the respective capitals in the short term.” More

Unforgettable Chinese documents – Archives of Macao achieve global recognition


Lau Fong, Director of the Archives of Macao, has devoted several years of her life to a unique set of documents that form an important part of the city’s history. Now her efforts have been recognised by the United Nations.

This May, the UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) voted on whether to register the collection Official Records of Macao during the Qing Dynasty (1693–1886), originally entitled Chapas Sinicas meaning “Chinese documents.” More