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Farmers in Guinea-Bissau and Chinese company sign agreement to modernise agriculture

State-owned China CWZX Real Estate Development will support the modernisation of the agricultural sector in Guinea-Bissau under a recently signed agreement with the National Association of Guinea-Bissau Farmers (ANAG).

The president of ANAG, Jaime Gomes, told Macauhub in Bissau that the agreement provides for the supply of tractors and training in maintenance and conservation of agricultural products.

Gomes, who recently paid a visit to China, said that the partnership aims to help farmers increase and diversify production of products such as rice, beans and mancara, among others.

The president of ANAG said his visit was very positive, especially the signing of the agreement with the Chinese company that manufactures agricultural machinery and also works in the construction and energy sectors.

The signed agreement will now be submitted to the Guinean government for consideration, and if it is approved a mission from the company will visit Guinea-Bissau at the invitation of ANAG. (Macauhub/CN/GW)

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