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Ambassador of China in Guinea-Bissau praises economic importance of China/CPLP Forum

The Chinese ambassador in Guinea-Bissau said he hoped the China – Portuguese-speaking Countries Economic Forum, to be held from 9 to 11 April, in Bissau, will improve the economic development of the member countries.

Huang Wa spoke outside a working meeting with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Geraldo Martins, which discussed the state of economic and financial relations between Guinea-Bissau and the People’s Republic of China and how to develop them more.

The ambassador said that the Economic Forum, the first meeting of its kind in Guinea-Bissau, would increase the level of economic and trade relations between the countries and their respective private sectors.

Huang Wa stressed that, because of their economic and business importance, the governments of Guinea-Bissau and China and the Macau Special Administrative Region authorities were interested in promoting this meeting in April.

The coordinator of the newly established Technical Secretariat for preparing the meeting of businesspeople from China and the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP), Bruno Jauad said the country wants this meeting to attract Chinese direct investment in key sectors aimed at promoting national potential.

The meeting will be attended by official delegations and businesspeople from Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), China, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, Portugal and Timor-Leste (East Timor).

The Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries, also known as Forum Macau, was established in 2003 and aims to deepen economic and trade cooperation among the member countries. (macauhub/AO/BR/CN/CV/GW/MO/MZ/PT/TL)

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