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Free movement of people between Mozambique and Angola possible “soon”

The free circulation of people between Angola and Mozambique will be possible “soon” the Mozambican Minister for Planning and Development, Aiuba Cuereneia, said Thursday in Lisbon adding that he was only waiting for a response from the Angolan authorities.

Questioned by Portuguese news agency Lusa about the importance of free circulation of people, goods and services amongst Portuguese-speaking countries as a way of driving business, Cuereneia said that, “the role of governments [in this respect] could lead to liberalisation of movement,” and noted that “in Mozambique we don’t demand a visa for anybody [in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ], except for Angola.”

The minister was speaking on the sidelines of a conference held in Lisbon as part of events to commemorate 10 years since the creation of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Cuereneia added that visa exemption for Angola “will come soon as negotiations are underway and at the next meeting of the mixed commission something will be announced, the project is in the hands of the Foreign Affairs ministers,” and emphasised that Mozambique “is available, but we need an answer from Angola.” (macauhub/MZ/AO)

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