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Mozambique earned US$117 million from sugar exports in 2012

Mozambican exporters earned US$117 million from sugar exports in 2012, up 29.6 percent year-on-year, the IPEX Export Promotion Institute announced in Maputo.

IPEX figures show that in 2012 the country’s four sugar producers (Mafambisse and Marromeu in Sofala and Maragra and Xinavane in Maputo) exported mainly to the European Union, though also to the United States of America and other countries in the region.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) considers sugar to be the most important business for developing commercial agriculture in Mozambique. It recently reported that the country produced 240,000 tons of sugar in 2012, up 23 percent over 2011.

The sector currently employs nearly 36,000 people (during harvest season), while 150,000 Mozambicans depend on the sugar industry, reports the local press.

Plans call for a new sugar refinery to begin operating early next year in the Mopeia region of Zambezia province. It should contribute to the annual average production of 500,000 tons the EIU estimates the country will achieve in the next four years.

Agriculture Promotion Centre forecasts indicate that Mozambique should produce 424,900 tons of sugar in 2013, of which 265,000 tons will be exported to the European Union. (macauhub)

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