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First solar equipment factory opens in Angola

The first Angolan factory for solar power equipment – an investment of US$6 million – has been opened in Viana on the outskirts of Luanda, by Angolan business group Opala, newspaper Novo Jornal reported.

According to the managing director of Green Power, Carlos Igrejas, the factory will have an initial workforce of 30 people and by the end of the year is expected to post turnover of US$11.5 million.

Carlos Igrejas also said that the company was carrying out some pilot projects in the provinces of Namibe and Kwanza Norte, which were subsidized by the central government.

Noting that Angola was one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine, Igrejas noted that expansion of the solar power network would reduce the need for using generators, and free up fuel for other uses.

Green Power, as well as assembling solar power equipment, will also sell it and provide maintenance services. (macauhub)

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