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Organic coffee from Fogo Island, Cape Verde, to be sold across the world

Ontario, Canada, 14 Dec – The SunOpta International Foods Group, a company specialising in natural foods and organic products, has set up a partnership in order to sell organically-certified coffee from Fogo Island in Cape Verde internationally, according to the Cape Verdean press.

Together with Casa Mendonça, the Ontario-based company founded the Fogo Coffee Spirit Ltd. company, which will set up a coffee processing unit in order to produce Cape Verde’s first high quality, organically-certified coffee.

Fogo Coffee Spirit Ltd. will buy coffee beans from around 100 producers on Fogo Island for subsequent processing and help to create a platform to establish sustainable farming on the Cape Verdean island.

The Trabocca group is known for selling organic coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea and from a number of countries in South America.

The project will be funded by two private financial institutions and will also receive a donation from the Netherlands’ government.

Officials from Fogo Coffee Spirit Ltd. estimate that in 2012 the company was expected to produce 40 tons of special organic coffee, which is expected to increase to over 140 tons in five years. (macauhub)

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