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Mozambique to have fertilizer production factory

Maputo, Mozambique, 14 Feb – The Mozambican government and the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) Monday in Maputo signed an agreement to set up a fertilizer industry in the country.

Although its land is some of the most fertile in Southern Africa, Mozambique has the region’s least competitive agriculture due to poor levels of investment, a lack of infrastructure and qualified staff, and construction of a fertilizer factory is considered to be essential for the “green revolution” launched by the Mozambican authorities.

In order to boost the sector’s development, the Mozambican Agriculture Ministry is focusing on “setting up” a fertilizer industry, with the support of the IFDC, an organisation focused on fertilizer research and technical assistance, based in the US state of Alabama.

“Mozambique has the conditions to set up a fertilizer industry because, to give just one example, it has phosphates in Nampula province,” said Agriculture minister, José Pacheco. (macauhub)

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