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Cape Verde: New Boavista international airport receives first flights

Praia, Cape Verde, 7 Nov – The new international airport on Cape Verde’s Boavista island in Cape Verde, this week will begin to receive its first charter flights from Europe, according to Cape Verdean press reports.

The airplanes will, however, have to refuel on Sal Island as the airport facility opened last week will only get its fuel supply system in 2008, according to the chairman of airport company Asa, Mário Paixão.

The project was launched by Asa around a year ago when it contacted two oil companies, Shell and Enacol, for them to move ahead with a proposal for construction of the fuel supply system.

The airport will begin by receiving three weekly flights from Italy and two from London.

The airport, which was inaugurated last week, cost 21 million euros to build and was financed by Asa, via a loan contract signed with Portuguese bank Banco Espírito Santo.

The airport’s runway is 2,100 meters long and it has a terminal with the capacity for 250 passengers per hour. (macauhub)

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