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Anglo-Mozambican cement firm to enter market dominated by Portugal’s Cimpor

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 April – A new cement plant is to be built at Boane near Maputo by a British and Mozambican consortium, officials have announced.

Mozambique’s Center for Investments Promotion (CPI) said Friday that the cement factory was being constructed by Molgate Holdings of the UK, with an 80 percent stake, and Sociedade de Investimentos de Moçambique (Somil) in partnership with some smaller investors, with a 20 percent shareholding.

Mozambique’s cement sector is currently dominated by Cimentos de Moçambique, owned by Portugal’s Cimpor group, and by South African imports of the product.

Cimentos de Moçambique lies 17th in a ranking of the country’s biggest 100 firms, with an 85 percent market share, according to the KPMG consultancy.

Mozambique’s largest cement plant at Matola, near Maputo, has an annual production capacity of around 700,000 tons.

The Portuguese cement group also has clinker mills at Dondo, north of Beira, and Nacala in northern Mozambique. The firm’s total output is currently 800,000 tons per year. (macauhub)

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