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Mozambique launches public tenders for rebuilding roads

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 Feb – The Mozambican government has launched a public tender for reconstruction of the road linking Montepuez, in Cabo Delgado province, to Lichinga, in Niassa, over a length of 201 kilometers, officials said.

The tender includes two contracts for the road’s surface as it is currently dirt over most of its length, and the building of two concrete bridges.

The first contract is for a stretch of road 135 kilometers long between Montepuez and Ruaça.

The project for this stretch includes paving the road, “work to protect against erosion and construction of drainage structures,” “Various jobs such as cleaning and reopening gutters and signage,” and the construction of five reinforced concrete bridges..

The lane must also be widened to eight meters, including the shoulders.

The second contract up for tender is for the 66-kilometer stretch between Litunde and Lichinga, which includes construction of two bridges, paving, cleaning and reopening of gutters and signage.

At the same time a tender was launched for construction of seven bridges on a 247-kilometer stretch of road that has already been rebuilt, linking Litunde to Marrupa.

Proposals must be handed in by April 12. (macauhub)

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