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National Bank of Angola to allow movement of foreign currency accounts once again


Foreign investors and other non-residents with foreign currency accounts will be able to make use of them through debit transactions to pay for services in kwanzas to foreign residents and money orders or transfers abroad, according to a notice from the National Bank of Angola.

Notice 2/17, of 3 February, also includes the use of foreign currency funds through transfers to accounts More

South African group Distell starts beverage production in Angola

South African group Distell ( started production of canned drinks in Angola, said the group’s chief executive in a statement to Reuters news agency.

Angola was the group’s main export market in Africa but sales fell sharply following the fall in oil prices, Angola’s main export, which had the effect of reducing the amount of available foreign currency.

“We have started the production More

Macau’s economy contracts for the third consecutive year

Macau’s economy contracted in 2016 for the third consecutive year, with gross domestic product (GDP) registering a real drop of 2.1%, after negative growth of 21.5% in 2015 and 1.2% in 2014, reported the Statistics and Census Bureau.

The statement noted, however, that the territory’s economy in the second half of the year had reversed the contraction seen in the first half, More

Macau receives 2.87 million visitors in January

The number of visitors to Macau in January 2017 grew 17.6% year on year and 2.2% in monthly terms to 2.87 million due to the celebration of the Lunar New Year which occurred in the first month of the year against February in 2015, reported the Statistics and Census Bureau.

The visitors remained in the territory for an average of 1.1 days, More

Cabo Verde’s airports receive more passengers and aircraft in 2016

Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) airports in 2016 recorded annual growth of 11.5% in passengers and 9.1% in the number of aircraft movements, airport and air safety company Aeroportos e Segurança Aérea (ASA) said recently.

The ASA statistical bulletin showed that in 2016 over 2.2 million passengers passed through the archipelago’s airports, and the increase occurred in all seven airports in the country, More

Portugal’s non-financial sector ends 2016 with debt of 715.8 billion euros

The non-financial sector in Portugal was 715.8 billion euros in debt at the end of 2016, of which 308.4 billion were attributed to the public sector and 407.5 billion to the private sector, the Bank of Portugal said in a statement.

The Portuguese central bank also reported that, compared to the end of 2015, the indebtedness of the non-financial sector increased by More