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Biocom plans to produce 256,000 tonnes of sugar in Angola in 2020


Angolan company Biocom announced that it will produce 256,000 tonnes of sugar by 2020 which will provide 50% of the consumption needs of the Angolan population.

Biocom, which is owned by Brazilian company Odebrecht and Angola’s Cochan and Sonangol, this year expects to produce 47,000 tonnes of sugar, almost double the amount of the first harvest,according to state newspaper Jornal de Angola.

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Government of Angola prepares state budget review for 2016

The government of Angola is preparing a document that will serve as a basis for the review of the State Budget (OGE) for 2016 and aiming for economic growth of 1.3%, with GDP in the oil sector to grow by 4.1% and the non-oil sector retreating 0.01%, according to a report in weekly newspaper Expansão.

According to the newspaper the document called More

Angola plans to create new conservation areas for fauna and flora

The Angolan Ministry of the Environment is considering the creation of landl conservation areas in the Carumbo lagoon (Lunda Norte), Serra do Pingano (Uíge) and Cumbira forest (Kwanza Sul) announced the director of the National Institute of Biodiversity and Conservation Areas (INBAC), Abijah Huongo.

The ministry also plans to create a park between the provinces of Kwanza Norte and Malanje, specifically between More

Diamond production in Angola rises in June

In June of this year Angola produced and marketed , more than 760,000 carats of diamonds, valued at about US$80 million, according to the Ministry of Geology and Mines (MGM).

According to a statement from the Ministry, production increased 2.28 percent and sales increased 5.35% compared to May.

The increase in volume was due to the fact that production at the Catoca mine More

Central Bank of Mozambique announces measures to stabilise the economy

The Governor of the Bank of Mozambique (BM), Ernesto Gove, said Thursday in Maputo that the effect of the tightening of lending rates on the macroeconomic stability of the country should only be felt at the end of the first quarter of 2017.

The governor, speaking at a press conference to announce the decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank More

Xtract Minerals reduces sale price of gold mine in Mozambique

British company Xtract Resources has reduced the sale price of a gold mine it owns the concession to in Manica, Mozambique to US$15 million, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Last May, the company announced it was in negotiations with Nexus Capital Limited and Mineral Technologies International for the transfer of the entire gold exploration license in Manica against payment More